Morning Routine: Feeling Fresh 

So today I share my morning routine with you and its actually really basic.I love to keep things simple. 

So to start my Morning off I use this Roger & Gallet shower gel. This shower gel smells amazing.It also feel great on my skin which is a bonus. I actually got this at the #deiseblogger event and since then I have been loving it.I actually use this all over my body and face . 

After I have finished my shower I now need a motion to keep my body fresh and feeling good. This human+kind body souffle is great. I love the natural smells that it has. Been dark skin often some cream makes my skin tone even more dark but this one is actually kind to my skin. Its helps keep my skin tone.I have been using it for a few weeks now and no problem with it . I also even use it on my son and he has really dry skin and this has been really great to use with his other body lotions.

So thats how I have been keeping my body fresh and feeling good. So how do you keep your body fresh and clean.



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