New Beginnings 

Heya all so yes I took a much needed from social media and all things blogging. I really just needed time to refresh myself and restart but it actually took longer then I expected. When it comes to blogging it has always been a good place for me to rant and share with you all. I’m just finally getting back into the swings of things at the moment and happy to share with all the new content I plan to it for you from March forward. This post is just a remind that yes am still around and have not given up on blogging. 2017 was a really rough start for me I went through so much both personal and business.Well am thinking whether or not to share a post with you all. 

So first of all am trying to work on updating my site and also I want to be doing more reviews on skincare products that I use. I also want to share my natural hair journey with all and show you how I have been taking care of my hair. Apart from that I have other exciting news but can’t say much now.

I also want to add that this month marks my one year blog anniversary which am still in shock though. Last year when I decided to restart my whole blog I had no idea what to expect but I have made some wonderful connections with so many of you and I now have friends from all over world.(A great excuse for me to travel). It has been a wonderful experience I have learned so many things and I continued to learn. Never give up on anything your passionate about all your hard work will be worth it.

So with that I will be back with a proper blog schedule in March.looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.


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