Let’s talk~ All things Blogging

Heya all so this week I will be doing a let’s talk segment and honestly I will talk about everything as I wanted the last few days of my blog challenge to be a little different. So let’s talk then…….Just grab yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate and cookie and enjoy. Now let me tell you how I have been getting on with my blog. I actual started my blog over this Febuaray. It was a hard making that choice to switch from bloggers to WordPress. For me I felt that bloggers just wasn’t working for me like. My stats were really good but I still just wanted to start my whole blog again and just give it my 100%.

Yes it was hard at first because I didn’t really know how to use WordPress well but I did find it much easier to manage then I did with bloggers. Now am not saying that bloggers isn’t good but I just felt that it wasn’t for me.So make sure when your starting a blog chose what is right for you but both platform require work. So far all has been running smoothing since starting over I was nominated for a blogger award and that was actually my highlight so far. Even though I didn’t win it was still a huge deal for me. It motivated me to focus on my blog a lot more and continue to put out great post for you all.

I do consider myself normal but I don’t think I share any of my personal life with you all. I keep all personal things aside but that’s going to change  and I will be sharing a lot more with you all. Make sure to follow me on Snapchat to see behind the scenes lol. I share on there whenever I attend events. Also check me out on my Twitter am always tweeting so make sure to say hi. I also have Instagram but I haven’t uploaded in a while but I will be back there soon. I know that’s where many of you contact me so I do apologise for that. 

So all I got to say that right now I have a schedule all set for when am done with my challenge and I will be more focus on my blog. I will also promote myself more on social media and also share all events I go to. I honestly went to so many events this year but I only shared a few. The amount of goodies I have gotten also is unbelievable so from now on I will be sharing a lot more with you. Am all about affordable items also so I will get back to sharing bargains with you all. I mean you don’t have to spend a lot to look good all you need is style power. 

So if you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask away or check me out on any of my social media. Hope  you all have enjoyed this post I look forward to sharing more with you all. 



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