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Check Out My Nails:Primark Nails 

Heya all so today I wanted to share with you all my nails.I always love practicing on my nails and creating something different. In the meantime do follow me on snapchat “truebornqueenx” to check out what I get up to. 

So let’s get back to my nails. I buy nails from penneys(Primark) and they only cost me €1:50 like hell yeah. I also picked up the nail art pen from penneys(Primark) last year and I think I only payed 50 cents for them. So the glue is also from penneys(Primark) and it was €1:50.

So this picture above is the finished look of my nails am in love with them although I do realise I have a long way to go am happy with what I managed to create. So get yourself to your nearest penneys(Primark) and grab some of their nails. The creativity with them is endless. 

Hope you all haves enjoyed this post I will be sharing more nails with you all and showing you my creativity at work lol.



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